The world's leading pro football handicapping software. Includes the amazing SureLock Formula Wizard that automatically builds winning prediction formulas!

WinPicks 2021 Pro Football Analyst

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  • Imagine having up to the minute statistics for every NFL team. Accurate predictions for every game. The ability to analyze matchups and uncover trends. You don't have to imagine. WinPicks, the Pro Football Analyst is a powerful software package that can do all this and more.


    WinPicks is the king of pro football handicapping software, a carefully crafted product that has been refined for more than 25 years. You can spend more, but you won't find better handicapping software anywhere. WinPicks provides everything you need to be a winner. 


    Huge Stat/Trend Database


    WinPicks includes a comprehensive database that tracks every NFL team in 32 offensive and defensive categories. During the season, database updates are fast, easy, automatic, and FREE. The database is updated automatically through your Internet connection. After connecting to the Internet, just click on the WinPicks toolbar to instantly get the latest files. If you forget to update your database, WinPicks will remind you.


    Every handicapper knows that the trend is your friend, and WinPicks can quickly show you how any team has performed in a variety of situations. Want to know how Denver has done against the spread as a home underdog? As a road favorite? On artificial turf? In domed stadiums? After a victory? Against good teams and bad teams? In the playoffs? On Monday Night? After winning by more than 17 points? In the first 5 weeks of the season? After 3 consecutive losses? After 5 consecutive victories? If you can think of an angle, ANY ANGLE, WinPicks can check it out for you. No other product gives you the answers faster or easier than WinPicks. You can also use the powerful Situation Analysis feature to instantly see all of the trends that could influence a specific game.


    Of course, one problem with trends is that by the time you know about them, it's sometimes too late. WinPicks solves that problem with the amazing Trend Watch feature, which goes one step beyond all available trend engines by searching through multiple combinations of game conditions to find significant trend patterns in the database. It quickly searches though literally millions of possible trends, and extracts only those that are statistically significant. Because Trend Watch does an exhaustive search of all available data, it uncovers information that only WinPicks users have. You can't get information like this anywhere else, no matter how much you are willing to pay. And best of all, Trend Watch alerts you when the trends it finds are relevant to games yet to be played. If you have favorite trends that you want to follow week after week, you can save them using the powerful My Trends feature.


    WinPicks provides tons of data the average handicapper simply doesn't have. For example, you can look at power ratings over any interval ranging from three games to more than one season. You can instantly see which teams have played the toughest schedules. You can see which teams have the best turnover ratios, or have the best average for "points per 100 yards". You can also look at league trends like ho